Live from T3 – Tuesday’s Hot Takes

A consultant’s on-the-ground roundup of the biggest announcements and takeaways from the advisor technology conference.

The 2020 Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference kicked off in high style Tuesday morning with some big announcements from tech companies launching new products for financial advisors, and tech entrepreneurs launching new companies.

Cloud-native platform INVENT returned to T3 after launching one year ago at the conference and presented some staggering growth numbers: Over 10,000 users and $260 billion on the platform. CEO Oleg Tishkevich and Principal Program Manager Jim Zimmerman of Microsoft Azure detailed the many benefits that Cloud-native technology will have on modernizing legacy systems. “INVENT will be the connective tissue that brings all of the disparate systems advisors, tech vendors, and custodians use together, ensuring data security, speed to market, synchronization, responsiveness and dramatic cost savings,” noted Tishkevich.

“Our call to action is for the industry to take advantage of these powerful innovations in Cloud-Native infrastructure to ‘Invent with us’, to document your aspirations, identify your goals, and come up with the business case we can all take collectively back to the major players and custodians who control innovation in wealth management to help them prioritize resources, create urgency, and accelerate change.”

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