Big Tech Flexes New Products at T3

Advisors will find new goodies on their platforms as IBDs and national RIAs look to expand their offerings.

The stakes were high for all parties at the recent Technology Tools for Today (T3) Enterprise Conference, held beachside in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The advisor industry’s technology ecosystem all gathered to showcase their wares in front of the big buyers from the larger independent broker-dealers, banks and national RIAs.

“T3 Enterprise is important in so many ways, particularly as these large financial services executives will literally be deciding for the hundreds and even thousands of advisors they support what technology they will be using to work with clients and run their businesses,” said conference host and T3 producer, Joel Bruckenstein.

This theme played out in real time in the conference finale, a panel moderated by Suzanne Siracuse, a well-known industry consultant. Siracuse grilled four CTO’s from Dynasty Financial Partners, Cetera Financial Group, Ladenburg Thalmann, and Cambridge Investment Research on what they were focused on in their businesses to support the thousands of advisor clients.

For David Ballard, SVP for Ladenburg Thalmann, his mandate has been to enhance the client experience, particularly in terms of the technology tools he provides, such as a unified advisor and client portal. “We’re working with to bring a Cloud-native, unified technology environment to upgrade and modernize our technology stack,” Ballard said in his opening remarks. “We are streamlining the technology integration process by outsourcing it to, so for any vendor they need to go through that Cloud-native approach, and it has created tremendous efficiencies and cost savings.” Similarly, Cambridge Investment Research CTO and SVP Nick Graham is on a mission to deploy upgrades across systems, to ensure consistency of data and “remove paper from the process” wherever possible, he noted.

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