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INVENT expands into the Real Estate industry with the launch of the “MyDouglas” agent portal that provides a premier, customizable, and mobile-friendly experience that integrates…

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The summit will feature keynotes and educational sessions with project leaders at Microsoft, Uber and Samsung. The goal is to give coders working in wealthtech…

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Senior Developers and Architects from leading wealth management enterprise firms and technology vendors will gather for a two day workshop at the T3 Conference

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For financial services firms, digital transformation means improving the experience of financial advisors so they can work more efficiently. It also means adapting to regulatory…


AdvisorPeak joins INVENT’s ecosystem of prebuilt integrations and APIs that are cloud agnostic and work seamlessly with the unique needs of wealth management institutions.

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The Seattle firm has already quintupled the scale achieved by Tishkevich’s FinanceLogix, but with IBDs replacing software patches with cloud computing, INVENT needs to grow…

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