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In the News Industry Trends

Each year, industry players sit down and read the tea leaves to spot the subtle yet dramatic changes happening in the independent wealth space and to identify the key underlying themes that will shape the industry going forward.

In the News Thought Leadership

With an analogy that began with Tom Cruise and ended with Abraham Lincoln, fintech executive Oleg Tishkevich layed out the all too common scenario of financial advisors struggling to solve complex tech problems on their own.

In the News

We are extremely pleased to present the LUMINARIES Class of 2022 Finalists, who are being recognized this year for the many dynamic and inclusive ways they are driving the wealth, investment and retirement industry forward.

In the News

The annual Wealth Management Industry Awards ceremony will be held in person in New York City on Sept. 8.

In the News Industry Trends

The ‘largest T3 ever’ makes one thing eminently clear: The advisor tech world is ready for a return to in-person meetings.

In the News Industry Trends

Digital ecosystems with their data lakes, micro services and new forms of user experience and design represent both freedom and a new way of thinking for advisors.

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