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Part 2 – INVENT: Combining Innovative Technology with Business Strategy

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Oleg Tishkevich elaborates on the origins and rationale of INVENT Elite as a way of combining vision, strategy and technology expertise into one entity.





Suzanne Siracuse, CEO of Suzanne Siracuse Consulting

Oleg Tishkevich, CEO of
Joel Brukenstein, Founder of T3
Gavin Spitzner, President of Wealth Consulting Partners
Tim Welsh, President of Nexus Strategy


Oleg: Thanks Suzanne. So, as you probably know, I’ve been in the industry for quite some time. I was the CEO of Finance Logix, the financial planning software that I sold to Envestnet a few years ago. And all my life, pretty much I’ve been in technology. And often times when we build and support solutions for large client banks, the wealth management firms, etc., we were always focusing on the technology side of the question, if you will, and firms would bring in different consulting groups to help them from a business perspective and create a strategy, create a vision, a marketing plan, an adoption strategy. And our work has always historically been focusing on technology. As we launched Invent, which is really a cloud native approach to technology adopted for wealth management, we pioneered that with our platform about a year and a half ago. And we realized that when we work with our enterprise clients, having essentially a single place where the vision, the strategy and the technology all come together has been a tremendous value. So that pretty much was the idea why we wanted to start INVENT Elite, is to be able to provide that 360 view of the business and technology in one entity, if you will, and be able to offer our clients the services from start to finish, from ideation to full implementation and production.

Suzanne: Yeah, I mean, obviously, I’m part of the team and I have been out on a lot of different meetings with some of your enterprise clients of INVENT, and I have to say it’s really the thinking behind INVENT Elite is really ahead of its time because it’s true, right? Sometimes you get technology in one room and strategy in another, and most of the time they don’t talk to each other. And that’s where all the time issues and scope issues kind of come into play. So, to be able to be thinking about solutions like this for your enterprise clients to make it easier for them to marry technology and strategy together I think is super ahead of its time and I’m really proud to be a part of it. So, thanks for giving us that kind of definition to set up the stage for our webcast today.

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