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Technology, Staying Relevant and the Pace of Change

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A conversation with Lynch, Hwang, Miller, Pinsker, Schwantz, Tishkevich and Volpe

Matt Lynch, managing partner of Strategy & Resources LLC, assembled the group and led the discussion. The conversation began with self-introductions and an overview of current business strategy at the participants’ firms. Marie Swift, managing editor of the Executive Roundtable Journal, sat in to listen.
Matt began the conversation by talking about how Strategy & Resources views the evolution in the financial services industry through three lenses, dubbed “The 3 C-Drivers.” They are:

  • Consumer and Advisor Preference
  • Competitor Behavior
  • Compliance and Regulatory Environment

MATT LYNCH: This is the third edition of the Executive Roundtable Journal. It is a joint effort between Strategy & Resources LLC and Informa’s Wealth Management team. Throughout every issue of the journal, we talk about “The 3 C-Drivers”—all of which have something to do with the major industry trends and can serve as a strategic lens for financial services executives and board members.

Our focus today is on the impact of technology from multiple perspectives, including the fintech providers, the institutional buyer and the end-user (advisor or client).

At Strategy & Resources, we provide consulting services to a broad range of financial services companies, including, but not limited to, broker/dealers, RIAs, custodians, fintech organizations, banks, insurance companies and asset management firms. One of the common reasons firms utilize our team is our deep knowledge of industry trends and, importantly, of the retail advisor and the retail market (client) and related to the tech discussion, how they access data and how they embrace tech-based tools and how they respond to certain products. Among important trends we’ve observed through our work recently is a set of common themes among buyers of technology who are looking to simultaneously simplify and improve the efficiency and utility of their operating platform and, by extension, the advisor and client-service experiences. We’ll ask today’s roundtable members to provide their thoughts on these trends in addition to, more broadly, the key issues facing the industry.

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